Thursday, February 10, 2011

Pizza Hut’s Tuscani Pizza = EpicFail

As much as the advertisement titillates, the product undoes it! Pizza Hut’s Tuscani Pizza was a classic case of much-ado-about-nothing! Xperia X2 ImagesWe’re Dominoes loyalist, but the Tuscani Pizza ad had me! The Pizza Hut at Madhapur (Hyderabad) was jam packed and though it instantly put us off, we decided to still hang on for the sake of the Tuscani. After much waiting it finally did arrive and broke my heart the moment I saw it! The pizza looked shrivelled and malnutritioned and a bite down I was convinced, it’s at best a pizza wannabe. The only saving grace was the crispy borderline. And the smoked onion flavour, in the one we ordered, made me somehow gulp it down. All that glitters need not necessarily be gold, that is! Dominoes Cheese burst Meatzaa…here we come!

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